The Voting period for new FNMISA Board members is currently March 17th to March 20th, 2022. Election results will be announced on Monday, March 21st. Elections are being held for all 12 of our board positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, SFSS Council Representative, Social Media Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Events Coordinator, First-year Representative, Graduate Student Representative, Indigenous External and Community Affairs, Indigenous University and Academic Affairs, Witness). Get to know some of the candidates below and remember to vote!

FNMISA Members should have received an email about voting but if you have not or have any questions or concerns regarding the election or voting you can contact:

Vice-Chair Candidate – Audrey Heath

My name is Audrey Heath, and I am a fourth-year Communications and Indigenous Studies Double Major, working on highlighting Indigenous voices in our community. On my father’s side, my family comes from the Gitxsan Nation, as well as having mixed European ancestry. This past year I have had the opportunity to work with and meet some amazing people. I have been involved with the FNMISA as a Council Member and Acting Chair, focusing on opening the new FNMISA Space, successfully rewriting and restructuring the FNMISA constitution, and triumphantly campaigning for the FNMISA student levy to be increased. As well, working at the Indigenous Student Centre to help support students and amplify Indigenous student voices.

As Vice-Chair I want to continue to support and advocate for our Indigenous students to help build our community and create safe spaces for students to be themselves. Connecting during COVID has been difficult, so I strive to support the return to in-person gatherings and setting up our new space! By doing so I hope to create meaningful connections in the community and build a support system that will be in place for not only students today, but future students to come.

Graduate Student Rep Candidate – Erik Mohns

Hello Everyone, I am Erik Mohns. I am from the Hupačasath First Nation on my mom’s side and European on my dad’s. I am currently a graduate student in the health science faculty, focusing on food security and housing with the Indigenous Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative. I am currently running for the position of graduate student representative. My goal for this position is to support indigenous graduate students and students interested in applying for graduate studies. 
I also hope to advocate SFU in changing the graduate defence process to incorporate more indigenous language and culture by allowing graduate students to smudge and present their defence in their language. While these are my current goals, I am open to suggestions and comments from my fellow students to support them in their journeys.

Witness Candidate – Hana Steinwand

Hello everyone, my name is Hana Steinwand. I am a citizen of the Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib) Dene Nation and mix-settler. I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Visual Arts and minoring in Indigenous Studies.  Frankly, it is not possible to decolonize an inherently colonial institution but it is possible to radically intervene to project equality and to remove any misrepresentation of Indigenous people at Simon Fraser University (SFU), including students and staff, by having Indigenous leaders to accurately represent and protect Indigenous bodies in the academic environment.  With the position of Witness I will be a great aid in the recording of accomplishments, events, and ultimately the history-making we Indigenous students deserve at SFU. I will help to provide safe spaces and promote individual and collective achievements within the Indigenous community by recording and organizing them in a professional and positive manner, by following the Dene Laws, and radically resisting settler-colonial perspectives.