4 seats available for students on the ‘Stakeholder Committee’:
• 1 representative from the FNSA – Kali Stierle
• 1 representative from the ISSU – TBD
• 1 Indigenous student representative (1) – Matt Provost
• 1 Indigenous student representative (2) – TBD


The End-User Group Committee will provide detailed user input with respect to design issues to support the functional needs and physical requirements of/for primary users and service providers. The User Group Committee will work with the Project Team including the design Consultants through the design phases of the project.


1. To gather information from SFU First Peoples related program departments and inform the Project Team about the requirements for the FPGH Project.

2. Meet with the Prime Consultants to review and confirm the Functional Program, existing and future programs/services to be accommodated in the new building space.

3. Participate in design and development meetings to specify the design details of the project; review and provide comment on drawings and/or specifications at major design milestones.

4. Consult with, seek input from and share project info with departmental peers.

5. Complete an inventory of equipment requirements (furnishings, fixed and movable equipment).

6. At a high level participate in the effective moves, transition to and start-up of the new facilities.

More information: https://www.sfu.ca/content/dam/sfu/aboriginalpeoples/arc/first-peoples-gathering-house/SFU-FPGH_Student%20Session%20Presentation__20200114.pdf

For more information please contact kaylena_ryan@sfu.ca at the ISC

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