SFU is striking a new Sustainability Advisory Council to govern and provide direction for all SFU’s sustainability related work. It’s initial primary mandate in 2021/2022 will be to guide the work on:

     1. The SFU 2025 Sustainability Plan (SFU 2025) which was approved in January 2020. This plan focuses on climate change mitigation; and
     2. The developing Climate Resilience Plan which is in the community co-design phase and will focus on climate adaptation. 

The SFU 2025 Sustainability Plan (SFU 2025) provides the foundation for SFU’s climate action efforts from 2020 to end of 2025. Given a global climate crisis, the Plan mobilizes the entire institution to embed climate action throughout its operations, research, academics and community engagement. The plan includes three overarching goals and 16 climate action targets to guide the institution for the next five years.

The Sustainability Advisory Council will meet for two hours, once per month and at the call of the Chair/Facilitator. Meetings will be scheduled with a minimum of four (4) weeks advance notice before the meeting date. Student members will receive a honorarium of $750 for the completion of the full appointment.

For more information checkout: https://www.sfu.ca/sustainability/projects/sustainability-advisory-council.html

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