We are looking for a researcher or graduate student who wants to work with a dynamic, Indigenous centred team in the Southern Coast Salish communities on a long-term research project related to resilience and wellness-focused diabetes prevention and treatment in Indigenous communities. 
The research project aims to explore how the Coast Salish Nations of the South Island envision diabetes care, care which both helps to heal and support those who have diabetes and also prevents diabetes in the next generation. The research will support a strengths-based and community-driven approach that is grounded in the cultural protocols and perspectives of the nations involved. The hope is that these research findings will help inform future diabetes prevention and care services within these communities. 
The team will be made up of community members from the Coast Salish Nations of the South Island and will be supported by the Diabetes Team for Indigenous Health at Island Health (includes the Diabetes Nurse Educator and the Dietitian). The team will include a Knowledge Keeper and an Indigenous person(s) who has lived experience with diabetes. We are looking to expand the team to include a member with research expertise and who may also have any of the other team attributes. 
The grant requires the research to include sex- and gender-based analysis and to this end CIHR has created sex- and gender- based training modules for which a certificate will be required.  
The research project is dependant on successful grant funding. The team is applying for a CIHR Team Grant in Diabetes Prevention and Treatment in Indigenous Communities: Resilience and Wellness, with a letter of intent due on May 26, 2021. The team is connected to Island Health’s Research department for support in the grant application. 
This is a very exciting grant opportunity and we look forward to hearing from interested researchers or graduate students.

For more information contact: amanda.henry@viha.ca

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